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Oracle 1z0-1109-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Automate infrastructure configuration with OCI Anisble collection
  • Explain the concepts of Infrastructure as code
Topic 2
  • Create and manage Artifacts for automated deployment
  • Automate Software Development Life Cycle using OCI DevOps service
Topic 3
  • Create and manage Kubernetes clusters with Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)
  • Provision infrastructure as code with OCI Resource Manager
Topic 4
  • Build and deploy microservices using containers and manage using container orchestration engine
  • Explain and implement Microservices Architecture
Topic 5
  • Monitor and diagnose performance issues with OCI Application Performance Monitoring service
  • Explain the concepts of DevOps measurement
Topic 6
  • Create and manage logs with OCI Logging service
  • Create and configure Deployment Pipelines
  • Implement Monitoring and Observability

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DevOps Professional Sample Questions (Q30-Q35):


Which is a proper rule to follow when creating container repositories inside the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Registry?

  • A. You must use the OCI DevOps Managed Build stage to define artifacts in the artifact and container repositories and map the build pipeline outputs to them.
  • B. When creating a container repository, check the Immutable Artifacts box, as it keeps other developers from altering the files.
  • C. When naming a container repository, you may use capital letters but not hyphens. For example, you may use BGdevops-storefront, but not bgdevops/storefront.
  • D. You must use a separate container repository for each image, but multiple versions of that image can be in a single repository.

Answer: D


A developer is using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) DevOps service to build an appli-cation. They are currently in the process of setting up the required infrastructure using the available tools. In which two ways can you explain the difference between Ansible and Ter-raform? (Choose two.)

  • A. Ansible uses declarative approach: Terraform is procedural in nature.
  • B. Ansible is an OCI provided service for CM; Terraform is a third-party tool for infra-structure as code.
  • C. Ansible supports lifecycle management: Terraform lacks lifecycle management support.
  • D. Ansible focuses on infrastructure configuration: Terraform specializes in infrastructure provisioning
  • E. Ansible automates software installation and application deployment: Terraform manages infrastructure as code.

Answer: D,E


You have migrated an on-premise application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and have started using the OCI DevOps service. You want to use Kubernetes cluster in your deployment architecture. Which two tools or services should you use to do this? (Choose two.)

  • A. Chef Knife Plug-in
  • B. Compute Jenkins Plug-in
  • C. Ansible Collection
  • D. Terraform
  • E. OCI Resource Manager

Answer: C,D


A DevOps engineer is asked to access an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) cluster to deploy new applications and manage existing ones. Which three statements are true? (Setting Up Cluster Access). (Choose three.)

  • A. To access the cluster using kubectl you have to set up a Kubernetes configuration file for the cluster. The kubeconfig file by default is named config and stored in the $HOME/.kube directory.
  • B. To access the cluster using kubectl you have to set up a Kubernetes manifest file for the cluster. The kubeconfig file by default is named config and stored in the $HOME/.manifest directory
  • C. Generating an API signing key pair is a mandatory step while setting up cluster access using local machine if the public key is not already uploaded in the console.
  • D. When a cluster's Kubernetes API endpoint has a public IP address, you can access the cluster in Cloud Shell by setting up a kubeconfig file

Answer: A,C,D


You cannot setup Cloud shell access to the cluster if the clusters Kubernetes API end-point has a private IP address.


What are the two items required to create a rule for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Events Service? (Choose two.)

  • A. Actions
  • B. Rule Conditions
  • C. Service Connector
  • D. Install Key
  • E. Management Agent Cloud Service

Answer: A,B



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