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Overview about SALESFORCE CRT-450 Exam

  • Passing Score: 65%
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Format: Multiple choice, multiple answer
  • Length of Examination: 110 minutes
  • Retake Fee : 100 USD

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Sample Questions (Q141-Q146):


What is accurate statement about with sharing keyword? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Inner classes do not inherit the sharing settings from the container class
  • B. Inner classes inherit the sharing settings from the container class.
  • C. Both inner and outer classes can be declared as with sharing
  • D. Either inner or outer classes can be declared as with sharing, but not both

Answer: A,C


Universal Containers has an order system that uses an Order Number to identify an order for customers and service agents. Order will be imported into Salesforce.

  • A. Indirect Lookup
  • B. Number with External ID
  • C. Lookup
  • D. Direct Lookup

Answer: B


Given the code below, what can be done so that recordCountcan be accessed by a test class, but not by a non-test class?

  • A. Add the TestVisible annotation to the MyController class.
  • B. Add the TestVisible annotation to recordCount.
  • C. Change recordCount from private to public.
  • D. Add the SeeAllData annotation to the test class.

Answer: B


Universal Containers implemented a private sharing model for the Account object. A custom Account search tool was developed with Apex to help sales representatives find accounts that match multiple criteria they specify. Since its release, users of the tool report they can see Accounts they do not own. What should the developer use to enforce sharing permission for the currently logged-in user while using the custom search tool?

  • A. Use the with sharing keyword on the class declaration.
  • B. Use the without sharing keyword on the class declaration.
  • C. Use the UserInfo Apex class to filter all SOQL queries to returned records owned by the logged-in user.
  • D. Use the schema describe calls to determine if the logged-in users has access to the Account object.

Answer: A


A developer has the following query: Contact c = [SELECT id, firstname, lastname, email FROM Contact WHERE lastname = 'Smith']; What does the query return if there is no Contact with the last name 'Smith'?

  • A. A Contact with empty values.
  • B. A contact initialized to null.
  • C. An error that no rows are found.
  • D. An empty List of Contacts.

Answer: C



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2023 Latest Dumpexams CRT-450 PDF Dumps and CRT-450 Exam Engine Free Share: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18mCw-EC6tFOv92iJI2o8pVfW5EZle3BK