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Job Positions and Salary

Acquiring the certification called the MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) hands you a chance to apply for and attract positions such as a MuleSoft developer, application developer, and software developer. Individuals with such a certificate and abilities to work with MuleSoft developer solutions should look forward to the annual pay of about $89k as declared by a report. From the same report, software developers take home about $72k yearly.

Understanding functional and technical aspects of MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 Processing records

The following will be asked from you in the exam:

  • Describe the features, benefits, and process to use watermarking
  • Processing records
  • List and compare and contrast the methods for processing individual records in a collection
  • Use the For Each scope to process records
  • Use a Batch Job with Batch Steps and a Batch Aggregator to process records
  • Describe the features, benefits, and process to use automatic watermarking vs manual watermarking
  • Use the Scheduler component to trigger a flow
  • Explain how Mule events are processed by the Batch Job scope
  • Persist data between flow executions using the Object Store
  • Explain how Mule events are processed by the For Each scope

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MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) Sample Questions (Q19-Q24):


Refer to the exhibits.

Set paylaod transformer is set the firstName and lastName of the customer as shown in below images.

What is the correct Dataweave expression which can be added in message attribute of a Logger activity to access firstName (which in this case is Madhav) from the incoming event?

  • A. firstName
  • B. vars."customer"."firstName"
  • C. vars."customer.firstName"
  • D. customer.firstName

Answer: B


Correct answer is vars."customer"."firstName"

Please you can also access firstName using this syntax vars.customer.firstName.


Refer to the exhibit.

What is the output payload in the On Complete phase

  • A. The records processed by the last batch step: [StepTwol, StepTwo2, StepTwo3]
  • B. summary statistics with NO record data
  • C. The original payload: [1,2,31
  • D. The records processed by all batch steps: [StepTwostepOnel, stepTwostepOne2, StepTwoStepOne3]

Answer: B


This is a trcik question. On complete phase pyalod consists of summary of records processed which gives insight on which records failed or passed. Hence option 4 is correct answer MuleSoft Documentation Reference :


Refer to the exhibits.

The main flow contains an HTTP Request. The HTTP Listeners and HTTP Request use default configurations.


values are accessible in the child flow after a web client submits a request to http://localhost:8081/order? col or

= red?

  • A. payload

    color query param
  • B. payload

    quantity var
  • C. payload
  • D. payload

    quantity var color query param

Answer: C


A Mule project contains a MySQL Database dependency. The project is exported from Anypoint Studio so it can be deployed to CloudHub.

What export options create the smallest deployable archive that will successfully deploy to CloudHub?

What export option create their smallest deployable archive that will successfully deploy to CloudHub?





  • A. Option B
  • B. Option A
  • C. Option D
  • D. Option C

Answer: A


Refer to the exhibits.

What is written to the records.csv file when the flow executes?

  • A. The payload convert to CVS
  • B. Nothing
  • C. An error message
  • D. The JSON payload

Answer: D



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